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    Order Management System

    No eProcurement tool? No worries. RS PurchasingManager™ is a web-based tool that gives you total control on RS orders.

    High-volume, low-value purchases add up. Transform your purchasing processes with RS PurchasingManager™.

    Greater control

    Delegate purchasing decisions to multiple users while maintaining end-to-end visibility. Set spending limits, order approvals; assign cost centres; reduce non-compliance.

    Zero cost

    Requires no investment or upgrades to your IT or software systems to integrate it, ideal if you don’t already own an eProcurement system.

    Saves time and money

    Restricts maverick purchases; removes manual or lengthy approval processes; reduces time spent searching for and checking availability of products.

    Enhanced reporting

    Cuts administration, reconciliation time, and errors with clear data from requisition to invoice. Online reports for spend and trend analysis; 13-month purchase history.

    Bespoke build

    Quick to configure, self-administered, and easy-to-use, this tool is customised to mirror your existing business processes, with full training and support from RS.

    Web based platform

    An order management system that is web-based and enables remote and home based working, empowering your teams to find what they need and place their orders, with mobile approval facility.

    Digitise procurement with the power of RS PurchasingManager™

    Take a look at how our order management system can deliver efficiencies and save you time and money. No ongoing investment, no IT integration, easy on-boarding, can be used anywhere, anytime.

    How RS PurchasingManager™ is driving efficiencies every day

    As a leading omni-channel solutions provider, we enable customers to take control of indirect spend. Discover how we’re making the difference with our customer success stories.

    Eliminate unnecessary process steps and take back control

    70% of professionals state one of the biggest benefits of adopting a digital processes is better spend visibility. Transform your purchasing processes with RS PurchasingManager™.

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