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      • Published 17 Mar 2023
      • Last Modified 29 Aug 2023
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    Young Innovators

    Young Innovators


    Young Innovators

    We are passionate about empowering young innovators, and support a variety of student projects from around the world - it could be you next! Get in touch to find out how we can work together:

    Project Showcase

    Check out some recent student projects which have been made possible through support from Grass Roots!

    Power Hab team

    Warwick Boring Team

    The Warwick Boring team is a collective of 50+ students from across the University of Warwick, and its alumni, who aim to revolutionise the tunnelling industry by creating a cost-effective, modular, and easy to assembly tunnel boring machine. So far, the team have placed in the top 4 of Elon Musk’s Not-a-Boring Competition 2022 and was in the top 1% of global applicants!

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    Electronic orchidarium

    Electronic orchidarium - Andres Ramos

    Andres is a Materials science and nuclear engineering student at the University of Sheffield. He has been captivated by botany and has a great interest in orchids. He developed the concept of a small-scale tabletop orchidarium that could blend in with house furniture and be fully automated to maintain the conditions of the wettest of rainforests!

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    Proudly Supporting

    Some of our awesome partnerships, we are honored to be involved with such great initiatives!

    Ocean Innovators

    Kickstart Kamper

    Kickstart Kamper is a sustainability project and social enterprise dedicated to making off-grid equipment and alternative living more accessible. The project is from the RS Grass Roots Sustainability Ambassador Josh Bowen. Kickstart Kamper is a sustainability project in the form of a campervan conversion, with a mission to explore the feasibility of alternative lifestyles and emerging technologies in response to the escalating climate crisis.

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    ICRS Sumobot 2020

    Badass Engineer

    Badass Engineer series hosted by Shrouk El-Attar. The world has a very specific view of what an engineer looks like and what an engineer does. But this is nothing like the engineers Shrouk knows! In this 12 part series, Shrouk introduces you to some BADASS ENGINEERS in their community, and best of all, they answer YOUR questions!

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    What is DesignSpark?

    DesignSpark is YOUR engineering platform, a global network of 950,000+ engineers. DesignSpark welcomes every engineer, and its your place to connect, share and build your professional profile. The projects you post will be seen by engineers, innovators and employers all over the world. Take the opportunity to start sharing your enthusiasm, skills and knowledge today, who knows where it might lead! Plus you get: - Free ECAD & MCAD software - Project inspiration & ideas - Support & advice from the community - Access to amazing giveaways & competitions