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      • Published 17 Mar 2023
      • Last Modified 29 Aug 2023
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    Grass Roots - Volunteering


    Volunteering Opportunities with Grass Roots

    The Grass Roots team recognises the importance of volunteering, it can help young people gain valuable new skills and experiences, boost their confidence, build their network and allow them to contribute their existing knowledge to something positive.

    The Fresh Advisors Board (FAB15)

    An exclusive opportunity for students and young professionals to gain experience on a global advisory board for a FTSE 100 company. It is made up of 15 bright young business and engineering minds from all over the world. We want to hear young people’s perspectives and experiences to help shape the company that they want to interact with for years to come. This is a unique resource for a corporate company and there are lots of exciting ways the FAB15 can contribute to the business. 


    Express an interest

    Check to see if we have any vacancies for the FAB15 coming up, and express an interest by emailing us:

    Keep up to date with our activity on Facebook & Instagram - @RSGrassRoots

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