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      • Published 17 Mar 2023
      • Last Modified 29 Aug 2023
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    Smart Conservation

    Smart Conservation

    Taking inspiration from the story and career of Colin Hartley the maintenance engineer at UK Zoo Drusillas Park, and the keepers at West Midlands Safari Park this theme combines biology, geography and zoology together to teach your pupils about the varied world of ‘smart conservation’.

    This double lesson-plan explores how technology can help animals survive and thrive in captivity,encouraging your pupils to garner greater respect for animals and their natural habitats.

    Smart Conservation Introduction

    Find out how Colin and his team keep animals safe, happy and healthy in their man-made habitats at Drusillas Park Zoo, Sussex, England.

    Drusillas Park is one of the very best small zoos in the UK and currently house over 800 animals from over 100 different species; including the endangered Red Pandas, the slow moving Two-toed sloths and South American Humboldt Penguins.

    Primary lesson plan
    Secondary Lesson Plan

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