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    RF Signal Generators

    Looking for RF signal generators then we are sure to have the solution for you. Our offer includes generators from leading brands such as Aim-TTi, Tektronix, Aaronia Ag and RS PRO. Each product is specifically chosen for technical excellence & quality. We also supply calibrated RF signal generators ready to go when received.

    RF signal generator produces known and controlled voltages. They are used as a power source for testing components measurement of gain, signal to noise ratio, bandwidth, standing wave ratio, and other properties.

    What are they used for?

    RF signal generators are extensively used in the testing of radio receivers and transmitters but also commonly used for in applications like; Audio and video, satellite communications, and cellular communications.

    Key Features

    • Modulation is indicated by a meter
    • Modulate carrier frequencies by dial settings
    • The output signal can be amplitude modulated (AM) or frequency modulated (FM)
    • Modulation may be done by a sine wave, square wave, a triangular wave, or a pulse
    • Frequency range measurement: GHz, KHz, MHz


    • Integrated electronic testing
    • Embedded systems
    • Digital circuits
    • Analogue signal processing
    • Laboratories testing

    Why choose RS for Signal Generators?

    Here at RS we care about getting you to the products quickly, that's why we have improved our search and filtering options, giving you the appropriate product solutions to choose from and links to technical information for additional support.

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