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    Keysight Technologies Function Generators

    Keysight Technologies traces its history to 1939 when Bill Hewlett and David Packard of the Hewlett-Packard company developed designs for an audio oscillator. Keysight Technologies operated as the test and measurement division of Hewlett-Packard for 75 years until it was established as an independent company in 2014. With this incredible expertise, it manufactures function generators with innovative proprietary technologies. Rely on Keysight for inimitable performance.

    Choose from our selection of Keysight Technologies function generators, with calibrated options for the guaranteed precision required for exacting applications.

    Precise sine, square, and triangular waveforms for electrical testing

    Function generators are principally pieces of test equipment, capable of producing different types of repetitive waveforms to perform circuit testing for device development, repair, and testing. Function generators can be classified as either analogue or digital. Analogue models use an oscillator to generate a variable triangular waveform, while digital models use a digital-to-analogue conversion technology to synthesise waveforms. Digital function generators are generally favoured, as they can generate the complicated waveforms required for increasingly demanding applications. They additionally allow for instantaneous frequency modulation and can mitigate interference.

    Keysight's proprietary Trueform technology is an innovation in waveform production that offers advances on previous direct digital synthesis technology. Trueform function generators promise a predictable waveform with minimal noise. The technology allows for exact waveform replication that does not rely on approximations to account for omitted waveform points. Trueform technology improves edge jitter and harmonic distortion with notable reductions when compared to waveforms generated with direct digital synthesis systems.

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