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    Keysight Oscilloscope Probes

    Keysight has been working for over 50 years to provide equipment to professionals who look to reliable and high quality products to develop their workplaces.

    Please browse our range of Keysight Oscilloscope Probes, perfect for engineers looking to test different aspects of electronic devices.

    What Keysight oscilloscope probe types do we offer?

    We offer several different probe types, to be used for different purposes together, to make a functioning system. These are the types of Keysight oscilloscope probes that we offer:

    • Passive type
    • Active type
    • Surface mount device type
    • Differential type
    • High frequency probe type
    • High voltage type

    Multiple of these products may be required to measure different properties, it is important to check first which ones you will need and what specialist qualities would be necessary for the equipment type as well as the quality you wish to examine.

    Our Keysight oscilloscope probes are made to improve the quality of your connection, providing several different techniques to ensure this, and to determine that you have a trustworthy, long lasting product within your collection.

    What are the different options I can choose from so that I can find the Keysight oscilloscope probe for me?

    • Keysight oscilloscope probes come with different probe tip sizes so you can customise this to fit your personal device.
    • There are several different cable lengths to choose from so your equipment can work smoothly around your space.
    • Our Keysight oscilloscope probes come in different weights so you can choose one that would sit well with your workspace depending on your preference for its weight.
    • It is important also to consider the operating temperatures and humidity that you will be working with in order to choose a Keysight oscilloscope probe that would work best for your environment, it is important to get a probe that caters for the scope of temperatures and humidity that you will be dealing with.
    • You should further consider the operating altitude that you require for your probe, different probes offer different ranges so you can choose the one that fits your working altitude the best.

    Upon assessing the requirements for your unique workplace, you can find a Keysight oscilloscope probe suited perfectly to you.

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