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    CAT IV Multimeter Test Leads

    CAT IV (Category IV) multimeter test leads are a specific type of test leads designed for use in electrical measurement applications involving high-voltage and high-energy environments. CAT IV-rated test leads provide a high level of safety and protection for both the user and the test equipment.

    Why would you use CAT IV multimeter test leads?

    • CAT IV Rating - is the highest safety category rating for electrical test equipment and accessories. It defines the level of protection and the types of electrical environments in which test equipment can be safely used.
    • High Voltage and Energy Environments - CAT IV-rated test leads are designed for use in electrical systems with the highest voltage levels, typically above 600V. They are suitable for measurements on the primary side of a building's electrical service, including power distribution networks and utility service entrances.
    • Protection and Safety – these test leads are built with robust protection features to withstand voltage spikes, transients, and overcurrent’s that can occur in high-energy electrical systems. This protection is essential for ensuring user safety and preventing damage to the multimeter or other test equipment.
    • Durability - able to withstand the rigors of working in demanding industrial and utility environments.
    • Applications - CAT IV multimeter test leads are used in a range of high-voltage applications, including utility maintenance, industrial electrical systems, and testing equipment in substations and power plants.
    • Compatibility - it's important to ensure that CAT IV test leads are compatible with your specific multimeter or test instrument. Using test leads that match the safety rating of your instrument is critical to maintaining safety and accuracy.

    Our range of CAT IV multimeter test leads are designed for use in high-voltage and high-energy electrical systems. Before purchasing test leads always choose ones that match the safety requirements of your specific application to ensure safe and accurate measurements.

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