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    CAT III Multimeter Leads

    CAT III (Category III) test leads are a specific type of test leads designed for use in electrical measurement applications that fall within certain voltage and energy levels. They are an important part of electrical safety and are used to ensure that the measurements taken with digital multimeters (DMMs) and other test instruments are safe for both the user and the equipment being tested.

    Why would you use CAT III test leads?

    • CAT III Rating – this safety category defines the level of protection and the types of electrical environments in which test equipment can be safely used. The CAT III rating is associated with lower-voltage distribution systems, typically up to 600V.
    • Safety and Protection - CAT III-rated test leads are designed with additional safety features to protect the user and the test equipment from electrical surges and transients that can occur in voltage environments.
    • Applications - commonly used for testing electrical systems in residential and commercial buildings, including power distribution panels, branch circuits, and household appliances which typically operate at 120V AC or 240V AC.
    • Transient Protection - these test leads often include surge protection and overvoltage protection to handle voltage spikes and transients that can occur in electrical systems.
    • Durability - CAT III test leads are typically designed to be durable and resistant to wear and tear, as they are intended for use in demanding environments.

    When selecting test leads, it's crucial to match the CAT rating of the leads to the specific category of the electrical system you will be working on to ensure safe and accurate measurements.

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