Linear Gauges

Linear gauges are a type of measuring device. Unlike dial bore gauges that are circular, linear gauges have a horizontal colour-coded scale with a pointer that lets the user know when the monitored data is within the defined limits.

Characteristics of linear gauges

The linear gauge scale is defined by a minimum and maximum value. Within this scale, the user can create as many number of ranges as required, to classify data. For each range, a minimum and maximum limit is specified, a name for the range, and the colour to be used for the range.

How does a linear gauge work?

Linear gauges use a pointer to display a specific data point. The pointer moves on a horizontal named colour scale to indicate whether the monitored data is within the defined limits. Data pointers work by pointing to the data value on the linear gauge scale. The pointer then defines the number of sides, as well as configures the radius and background of the data.

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Description Price Range Resolution Accuracy Contact Point Size Stem Diameter IP Rating Gauge Series For Use With Cable Length Operating Temperature Range Gauge Overall Length Maximum Operating Temperature Minimum Operating Temperature
RS Stock No. 796-0003
Mfr. Part No.542-158
- 0.0001 mm - 3mm 8mm IP66 LGK - 2m 0 → +40 °C - +40°C 0°C
RS Stock No. 795-9990
Mfr. Part No.542-156
- 0.001 mm - 3mm 8mm IP66 LGK - 2m 0 → +40 °C - +40°C 0°C
RS Stock No. 795-9996
Mfr. Part No.542-163
- 0.001 mm 1.5+L/50 μm 3mm 15mm IP66 542 EB Counter, EG Counter, EH counter, EV Counter 2m - - - -