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    Headband Magnifiers

    Consider our range of headband magnifiers for your magnification needs. Our selection of products is perfect for magnifying the field of view while keeping your hand free to operate tools like soldering irons, tweezers, or to simply turn a page of a book. Our range of high quality headband magnifiers are easy to use, and youll wonder how you ever managed without them.

    How do they work?

    A headband magnifier enhances the view and resolution of an object through magnification. These clever devices are places on your head and the integrated magnifier lens covers your eyes, which magnifies the object you are looking at.

    Headband Magnifier types

    • Magnifying headband with lens
    • LED magnifying headband with lens
    • LED magnifying headband kit with precision ground interchangeable lenses.

    Are they suitable for use with prescription glasses?

    Headband magnifiers are compatible with prescription wear glasses.


    Headband Magnifiers are used in electronic servicing, electrical inspection and DIY hobby and craftwork applications.

    Why would you choose RS for headband magnifiers?

    We support engineers and DIY hobbyists with magnifying headbands are of the highest quality from our own brand RS PRO. Our range is easy to browse and supported with technical documentation that helps you reach the ideal solution.

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