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    Pocket Magnifying Glasses

    A pocket magnifying glass is a hand-held magnifying glass that is small, portable, and easily stored in your pocket. The purpose of these handy devices is to increase the magnification of an object to view minute detail, read a road map, or enhance the small text.

    Why would you need a pocket magnifying glass?

    A pocket magnifying glass is a great tool to have in your kit especially if you enjoy outdoor pursuits. Various styles are available, they include folding, slide cover, or pocket microscope.


    Pocket magnifying glass is supplied with various magnification lens, from a single lens to multiple stacked lenses within the device.

    What is magnification?

    If you need to see something small you can bring your eyes closer however the object will become blurred, the eye can’t focus on details close-up. Magnification from an eye magnifier for example enlarges objects or text and reduces the strain on your eyes.


    Pocket magnifying glass are used in applications such as;

    • Camping
    • Orienteering
    • Site Seeing

    Why would you choose RS for pocket magnifying glass?

    Our magnifiers offer is considered best in class, we supply high-quality pocket magnifying glass products sourced from leading brands such as Mitutoyo, Eschenbach, and RS PRO. Our new and improved magnifiers range is easier to browse and the new filters ensure you see the full offer helping you reach a decision for your next purchase.

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