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    Vibration Meters

    Vibration meters are tools used to measure vibrations and oscillations in machinery and installations to troubleshoot issues quicker. A vibration meter is great for the combination of diagnosis, severity and any repair recommendations. Mechanical faults within a production environment are always an issue, as any downtime will halt any further work occurring. Vibrations meters monitor the production equipment with no prior machine history to ensure everything is running smoothly. Any vibration meters can measure several parameters from vibration acceleration, vibration velocity or vibration displacement.

    What are the benefits of a Vibration Meter?

    • Storing measurements - Vibration meters are portable devices that can store measurements for post analysis. Similar capabilities of a data logger, that record and store measurements.
    • Visual feedback - Some vibration meters have an easy-to-read LCD screen for easy-to-read measurements. Also great for monitoring during testing.
    • Listening - A variety of vibration meters allows you to listen it any vibration when testing for faults.

    Types of Vibration Meters

    Vibration meters are available in a variety of types to suit a wide range of applications, depending on the measurement required. The measurement parameters performed by vibration meters are:

    • Acceleration
    • Displacement
    • Velocity (Speed)
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