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    A thermohygrometer is a handheld device that measures the moisture and the temperature within air. It does this by calculating of both air pressure and temperature changes, this then results in the moisture’s percentage and temperature in the air. Common applications to use a thermo-hygrometer would be the need to monitor the humidity, such as in an office, factories or other indoor environments that require optimum working conditions.

    RS offers a range of thermohygrometers, many of which can be calibrated to UKAS or RS Calibration standards to ensure accurate measurements.

    Applications for a Thermohyrometer

    Thermo-hygrometers are used to test HVAC systems and office environments. They often feature a probe which can be inserted through an air-conditioning duct to get readings from within the ducting.

    Why choose RS for your Thermohygrometer?

    RS has a range of thermohygrometers from leading brands such as Testo, Rotronic Instruments, Fluke and our very own brand RS PRO, but you can utilise our in-house calibration service.

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