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    Testo Anemometers

    Flow measurement is important within many industrial environments and the Testo Anemometers, also known as a Flow Meter, providing vital information in outlet, filter, comfort level and duct air flow measurement. Choose from the range of Testo Anemometers, available are the Vane Anemometer, Thermal Anemometer, Volume Flow Hood and Differential Pressure Anemometer.

    What do Testo Anemometers have to offer?

    The Testo range and models are recognised for their experience and versatility within the air flow management and measurement industry. Models available will measure, air flow, air velocity, humidity, temperature, and volume air flow. Measure air velocity to plus 10 m/s, work with NTC, Rotary Vane, Telescopic Vane, Thermal and Vane probes.

    Vane Anemometer – The Testo Anemometer is the well-known wind speed meter / anemometer, for use indoors and outdoors. The Vane anemometer includes an impeller anemometer, easy to use and set up it provides quick wind speed (air speed) measurement. Some of the models also allow the measurement of the volume flow and temperature. Added features provide the measure of values, hold functions and a smartphone app. Vane series anemometers also allow you to check exhaust air at ventilation grills, plate outlets and swirl outlets.

    Thermal Anemometer – allows the measuring of air speed within ventilation ducts plus is useful for condition measurement within a room. The thermal anemometers are also known as wind speed meters plus also can record the air flow volume with some having built-in flow meters. Thermal anemometers also allow you to measure the timed mean value, temperature, flow, volume flow and have hold functions. You can also monitor exhaust air and laboratory fume cupboards.

    Testo 420 Volume Flow Hood – a lightweight flow hood assisting in volume flow measurement, excellent for use with large air intakes and vents. Easy to install, plus compatible the Testo Smart App, precision flows straightener, reduction in measurement issues and providing hygienic indoor air quality. The 420-flow hood will also allow measurement of temperature and relative humidity.

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