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    Hot Wire Anemometers

    A hot-wire anemometer is the most popular type of temperature anemometers measuring the air velocity of devices and appliances. The construction of a hot-wire anemometer comprises a fine wire element that is electrically heated, which is supported by a needle at the point. It’s ideally suited for carrying out surveys or inspections of ventilation or air conditioning units and pretty anything that requires air velocity to be measured.

    How does a Hot-Wire Anemometer work?

    A hot wire anemometer works by heating through a constant current. As the movement of air passes over wire it has a cooling effect, it’s then this changing of temperature on the metal and its electrical resistance which accurately determines the air speed and pressure.

    RS has a range of Hot-Wire Anemometers from some leading brands such as Testo, Beha-Amprobe and our very own RS PRO. All the hot-wire anemometers can be calibrated to ensure they perform accurately and reliably. This is done in-house to an RSCAL standard. We have technical advisors on hand if you have questions.

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