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    ABB Switch Disconnector Auxiliary Contacts

    Take the switching power into your own hands with an auxiliary contact from ABB's range. ABB switch disconnector auxiliary contacts are add-on electrical components that can be used in conjunction with switch disconnectors. ABB switch disconnectors work to isolate electrical equipment, in the instance that it needs to be repaired or maintenance work carried out. ABB auxiliary contacts add an additional level of functionality to the switch disconnector they are paired with and can be used to carry out additional functions, such as to indicate whether the switch disconnector is in the open or closed position.

    Why choose a switch disconnector auxiliary contact from ABB's range?

    ABB pride themselves on bringing out high quality product ranges that never compromise on performance or reliability. Their switch disconnector auxiliary contacts offer users a high performance, yet compact solution. They are easy to install on to the switch disconnector with snap-on functionality, saving on installation costs and time.

    What types of applications are ABB switch disconnector auxiliary contacts most suited to?

    ABB switch disconnector auxiliary contacts are ideal for power distribution systems, manufacturing and process plants, renewable energy systems, building automation systems, and more.

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