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    ABB OT Switch Disconnector Auxiliary Contacts

    ABB OT switch disconnector auxiliary contacts are a high performance, compact series of contacts, within ABB's extensive auxiliary contacts' range. ABB's OT range gives you the ability to switch power and carry out other additional functions, such as highlighting whether a switch disconnector is in the closed or open position. ABB's OT range offers you flexibility in terms of the functions it will add to your applications, quick and easy installation, and a compact design, which promotes cost reduction due to the space they save.

    An ABB OT switch disconnector auxiliary contact is an add on electrical component that is suitable for use with ABB switch disconnectors. The switch disconnector isolates electrical equipment so that any maintenance or repair work can be carried out, whilst the auxiliary contact provides additional functions. ABB's OT range of switch disconnector auxiliary contacts are suitable for use in many industries and diverse applications including machinery, power distribution, switchboards, photovoltaic installations and motor control centres.

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