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    Eaton Fuse Switch Disconnectors

    Take safety to a whole new level with Fused Switch Disconnectors from Eaton. Here at RS we have an extensive selection of FSD's to choose from so you can find the perfect fit for your application.

    What's Fuse Switch Disconnector and how do they work?

    A Fused Switch Disconnector (FSD) is an electrical device which combines the functionality of a fuse, a switch, and a disconnector, all in one handy package. They are used in power distribution systems as a means to manage and protect electrical circuits. An FSD allows for safer operation and maintenance, as they work by isolating specific circuits and equipment from the power supply. The fuses within this device provide protection as they will blow when short-circuits and overcurrents occur, while the disconnector is there to ensure that the electrical circuit is completely isolated from the power source. They allow a high degree of manual control due to the switch function, as it can be turned off or on. You'll find these units commonly used in sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare, construction, oil and gas, agriculture, and data centres. Compared to non-fused switches they provide a higher level of safety.

    Explore popular ranges from Eaton such as the Glasgow, Excel 2, T0, DMM, P1 and P3 families of fused switch disconnectors. These models include features such as sturdy rust-protected enclosures, high IP ratings, surface mounting, screw type connections, and user-friendly rotary handles. Single-pole, double-pole and triple-pole options are available.

    Eaton are the global powerhouse in power management. They have over a century of experience at designing solutions to help upgrade safety, efficiency, and sustainability in how we live and work. In today's fast changing world, you can rely on Eaton's dependable and high-quality FSD's for enhanced protection of your electrical circuits.

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