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    ABB OT Switch Disconnectors

    ABB OT switch disconnectors vary from 160A to 3150A (Amperes). They are largely used as the primary switch in low voltage switchgears which, ultimately, distribute the power, stopping and starting motors and isolating loads during maintenance. The OT range of switch disconnectors from ABB are suitable for diverse applications such as motor control centres, switchboards and automatic transfer applications.

    Why choose an OT switch disconnector from ABB's range?

    ABB OT switch disconnectors are reliable in extreme conditions and are designed, built and tested for the best possible performance. They are designed to be virtually maintenance free across their entire lifespan and are a durable, reliable choice. ABB OT switch disconnectors have also been designed with practicality in mind, with a space saving design and an easy and cost-efficient installation. They are extremely versatile in terms of installation orientation and work just as well whether installed horizontally or vertically.

    How do I select an OT switch disconnector from ABB's range?

    When choosing the correct product for your application, it's important to consider a number of factors that will ensure the safe running of your application and any workers involved:

    Calculate voltage and current requirements

    It's important to accurately calculate the applications voltage and current requirements, as going higher than the required voltages poses a significant risk of an arc flash, which can lead to serious operator injury, or even death. If your current is higher than the switch disconnector can accommodate, you will need stronger contacts to support the application. Skipping this step could result in system overheat.

    Consider your application type

    Determining whether you are installing a switch disconnector for a single-motor or combined load application will help dictate the kind of switch required.

    Determine your mounting style

    Where do you want to install your switch disconnector and which mounting type is the most suited to your application?

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