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    Allen Bradley Safety Switch

    For exceptional protection of machinery and operators the Allen Bradley Guardmaster Non-Contact Safety Switches, by Rockwell Automation, are the perfect solution.

    What are the advantages of Guardmaster Non-Contact Switches?

    Non-Contact Safety Switches are perfect for providing secure interlocking and monitoring of the machine guard, gate or door. These cost-effective devices offer improved longevity compared to physical contact interlocks as there is no contact between the sensor and actuator, reducing wear-and-tear. They also require little maintenance, allowing you to use your valuable time more productively for other tasks. In addition, this type of safety switch is highly resilient to shocks and vibrations. They can tolerate guard door misalignment due to having a large sensing field, unlike mechanical switches. Guardmaster safety switches also offer easy set-up and alignment, which can decrease your installation costs.

    Guardmaster Safety Switches are often used in industrial manufacturing environments, helping to keep personnel safe from hazardous areas and machinery which could cause serious injury. They can be used with different barrier types such as hinged, sliding, and lift-off guard doors. Many of these contact-free interlocking switches can be used as part of the GuardLink Safety System. The Guardmaster line includes RFID coded and magnetically coded units such as Sipha, Sensaguard, Ferrogard, and the MC1 and MC2 switches, with enclosures made of durable plastic and robust stainless steel, and ratings up to IP69K.

    Allen Bradley Guardmaster are renowned across the world for the high-quality and reliability of their safety products, having 115 years of experience in designing and manufacturing industrial components. Their expertly designed safety switches adhere to high global safety standards so you can have total peace-of-mind. With a huge range of choices, you are sure to find your perfect fit.

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