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    Schmersal Non-Contact Safety Switches

    Schmersal offers customers the world’s largest choice of safety devices for both personal and machine protection. They believe a safer world is a better one and with more than 25,000 products to select from including an excellent range of safety switches.

    What are the advantages of non-contact safety switches?

    Favoured in automation and control environments these safety switches perform the same safety task as an interlock switch, however, they do not require the actuator or switch to touch to perform their job, hence ‘non-contact’. Frequently used for monitoring the position of sliding, hinged or removable safety guards, these safety devices are designed to protect people and machinery. These safety switches can be preferable because they are very long-lasting and require minimal maintenance.

    Types of Schmersal Non-Contact Safety Switches

    Schmersal brings 60 years of safety experience to the table and has many switches to choose from in their product line to suit your safety systems including:

    The BNS 33 series utilises a magnetic drive to determine actuator and switch misalignment. When the magnetic parts are outside a certain range, the switch activates and the power to the machine is cut. This series also sports a long life with no mechanical wear.

    The BNS 250 Series can be used in food or chemical processing equipment, articulating robot armrest position sensing, and even guard doors for woodworking machinery. These magnetic safety switches can easily be concealed by mounting behind non-magnetic materials, useful in environments that need to be cleaned efficiently, allowing for a high standard of hygiene and safety.

    The RSS 16 series has a mission time of 20 years! Featuring a thermoplastic enclosure, they are also resistant to shock and vibrations, as well as being relatively tamper-proof.

    The RSS 36 series operates via RFID sensor technology for protection against tampering. These switches have code that is transmitted magnetically. One half of the switch transmits, and the other half receives. The code is unique to each part and cannot be tampered with or altered providing high-level security.

    Why Choose Schmersal Non-Contact Safety Switches?

    Schmersal’s safety switches make sure that tamper-proofing is a priority in high category performance industries, meaning the switch cannot be bypassed with simple external magnets. What’s more, a wide variety of RFID and magnetic safety switches in Schmersal’s safety line-up means that there’s a non-contact switching device to suit every automation and control industry needs!

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