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    Bulgin Push Button Switches

    Bulgin is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality switches and connectors. They offer a wide range of push button switches that are designed for various applications and industries. Bulgin push button switches are known for their durability, reliability, and ruggedness.

    What are the key features of Bulgin push button switches?

    • Design and Types: Bulgin push button switches are available in various designs and types to suit different requirements. They offer options such as momentary or latching action, illuminated or non-illuminated buttons, and single or multiple pole configurations.
    • Ruggedness: Bulgin push button switches are designed to withstand harsh environments and are often used in industrial applications where durability is essential.
    • Mounting Options: Bulgin offers push button switches with different mounting options, including panel-mounted, surface-mounted, and PCB-mounted switches. This provides flexibility in terms of installation and integration into various equipment and systems.
    • Voltage and Current Ratings: Bulgin push button switches are available in different voltage and current ratings, allowing you to choose the appropriate switch for your specific application.
    • Customisation: Bulgin provides customisation options for their push button switches, such as different button colours, legends, and symbols. This allows you to tailor the switches to your specific requirements or branding needs.
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