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    EAO Push Button Heads

    EAO push button heads are the integral top section of a push button and are pressed to operate the attached switch. Push buttons are a type of switch mechanism that are used to control a particular facet of a device, or piece of machinery. Push buttons are regularly used as a means to stop or start heavy machinery and the push button head on the device is often colour coded, to ensure their function is clear to any workers in the vicinity.

    What different push button heads are included in EOA's range?

    EAO's range of push button heads includes devices with different actuations including latching, maintained, momentary and twist release. The range also includes push button heads of varying shapes, colours, materials and ingress protection ratings. Push button heads with varying ingress protection ratings can be selected based on the required protection for your application. The ingress protection ratings that can be chosen from EAO's range include IP20, IP40, IP65, IP66, IP67 and IP69K.

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