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    Schmersal Push Button Heads

    Schmersal push button heads are a key component of push buttons. Push buttons are simple switch mechanisms that are used to control a single aspect of a device or machine. The push-button head is typically made from either metal or plastic and is what is pressed to operate the switch.

    Types of Push Button Heads

    Schmersal push button heads stocked at RS Components are provided in a range of colours, styles materials and sizes. The various colours of push-button heads include black, green, grey, red, white, and yellow. Schmersal has a range of push-button heads with a momentary actuation and round button styles with either a 22mm or 22.3mm cut out diameter. Schmersal provides push button heads with a range of IP ratings including IP65, IP67 and IP69K to best meet the needs of the application.

    Typical Applications

    Push-button heads have a range of different applications, they are commonly used in machinery that requires manual intervention. They are typically found in industrial settings and used to stop and start heavy machinery through the use of a push-button and push-button head. Common industries that use push-button heads include automotive industries, factories, automation lines and commercial units such as warehouses.

    Schmersal design and manufacture a wide spectrum of high-quality products to provide safety in the workplace. Schmersal has the largest range of safety switching devices and safety switching systems in the world which provide high-level protection to the machines and the workforce. Find a wide range of Schmersal push button heads in stock at RS Components where we strive to give you the best offers from our suppliers and to promptly deliver your orders in the shortest time.

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