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    Pendant Switches

    Pendant switches are remote hand-held push button switches that are used to control machinery or devices such as a doorbell button. They're designed for safety so that you can turn your machine or component off or can send out an alert signal quickly.

    Pendant switch components and workings

    Pendant switches are usually made from a hard material such as nylon for durability and safety. They're a small sealed mechanism with an internal metal spring. When the pendant switch is pressed the metal spring inside makes contact with two wires. This completes an electric circuit and allows electricity to flow.

    Pendant switches also have a surface that's designed to accommodate the human finger or hand. This is so the electronic switch can be pushed easily.

    What are pendant switches used for?

    Pendant switches are suitable for use in numerous applications including push-to-talk applications, as emergency switches (e.g. in hospitals for nurse calls), light control, activation and in home automation systems.

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