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    Moflash Fire Alarm Call Points

    A provider of reliable signalling devices, Moflash fire alarm call points are ideal for securing the provision of safety in numerous environments. Trust Moflash fire alarm call points to deliver when safety is paramount.

    What are fire alarm call points?

    Fire alarm call points are emergency buttons installed as part of an alarm system to provide fire safety provisions in many commercial, public, and industrial environments. In a recognisable red casing, fire alarm call points typically feature a panel of specialised glass, which can be easily broken to engage the alarm in the event of fire. Designs instead positioning the button behind a panel of flexible plastic also exist. Once the alarm has been engaged, the call point must be manually reset to prevent accidental disengagement before the fire has been extinguished.

    Using fire alarm call points to satisfy fire safety requirements

    Installing fire alarm call points is an effective means of protecting your premises. In conjunction with the appropriate safety equipment and signage, they can ensure compliance with fire safety regulations. Fire alarm call points offer various benefits:

    • Allows guests to alert others of fire without knowledge of fire procedure
    • Instantly recognisable design
    • Unique design prevents accidental alarm operation.
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