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    Fire Alarm Call Points

    Recognisable usually by its green colour, the fire alarm call point is the enclosure that houses a button to activate a fire alarm.

    Usually, the user will break the glass and press the emergency button centred in the middle of the unit. This will then activate a centralised alarm system to alert building wide that there is an emergency.

    Features and benefits of installing fire alarm call points:

    • Break glass operation
    • Anti-tampering to reduce false alarms
    • Plug and play installation
    • Standard colouring of green available, other colours including red also available
    • Instantly raise the alarm in the event of an emergency
    • Precise tracking of where the alarm was set off
    • Ensure the safety of your employees or anyone in your care
    • Due diligence to comply with fire safety laws
    • Some can be linked to emergency services for immediate response

    Where are fire alarm call points used?

    • In a home
    • Around offices or workplaces
    • Any high traffic public areas
    • Commercial and industrial buildings

    Fire Alarm Call Points can help support a healthy building by improving Safety & Security

    Break glass and fire alarm call points are critical components of fire safety systems, facilitating rapid emergency response and ensuring the safety of occupants. Their immediate alarm activation, ease of use, and contribution to effective emergency communication make them indispensable in any fire safety plan. By incorporating break glass and fire alarm call points in building designs and adhering to safety standards, businesses demonstrate their commitment to safeguarding lives and minimising the impact of fire incidents.

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