Software Defined Radios

Software defined radios, also known as SDRs, are pieces of hardware which work alongside software for wireless RF communications. SDRs use software signal-processing functionality for tasks traditionally performed by the hardware. Software defined radios are essentially a radio which can be defined and configured by its software. The software determines the specification of the radio and how it functions.

A radio is a piece of hardware which communicate information with signals in the radio frequency (RF) spectrum. You will come across radios in your car, tv and at home. These are traditional hardware-based radios.

Why choose SDR over traditional radios?

Software defined radios can be used in many applications within different environments. Their software can be configured as required to suit different applications. Therefore the same platform can be used across areas. SDR is a highly adaptive and flexible method for RF communications. As technology evolves and standards change, SDRs enable you to upgrade the software. Or, if you require your SDR to change operation, the software can be adapted to this without the need to necessarily change hardware.

What's inside of a Software Defined Radio?

Typical SDRs include the following devices:

  • FPGA (field programmable gate array)
  • DSP (digital signal processor
  • GPP (general purpose processor)
  • SoC (system on chip)
  • ADC (analogue-to-digital converter)

Where are SDRs used?

Software defined radios are increasingly popular in amateur radio. Some can convert your PC into a general coverage RF receiver, or a device for monitoring the RF spectrum. SDRs are used in industrial, scientific and educational environments.

Note: Most SDR radios will require an additional antenna.

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