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    WAGO Isolation Amplifiers

    Isolation amplifiers from WAGO are specialised instruments meticulously crafted to precisely measure the minutest current and voltage signals, even in the presence of high common mode voltages. These amplifiers play a crucial role in ensuring electrical safety by providing a robust electrical barrier and isolation. Functioning as differential amplifiers, they safeguard data acquisition components against common mode voltages, effectively mitigating potential differences between instrument ground and signal ground.

    Applications of WAGO Isolation Amplifiers:

    WAGO Isolation Amplifiers find widespread applications, particularly in industries where precision and safety are paramount. Some typical use cases include:

    Test and Measurement:

    Employed in various test and measurement scenarios where accurate signal detection is essential. Medical Devices: Integral components in medical devices, ensuring precise signal measurements while maintaining electrical safety.

    Solar and Fuel Cells Construction:

    Widely utilised in the construction of solar panels and fuel cells to profile the performance of individual series-connected voltage cells.

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