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    Sensata/Crydom Relay Sockets

    Sensata/Crydom take pride in progress and technological advancement. Their aim is to provide innovative, sustainable technological products that will provide you with the quality and longevity you deserve.

    Relay switches are used as an accessory with electromechanical switches that form a part of a circuit used to mount a relay, providing an electrical interface between the relay and the circuit. Relay sockets are useful when you want easy access to relays to mount or replace them.

    How do I know which Sensata/Crydom relay socket is best for me?

    There are many aspects that define Sensata/Crydom relay sockets and will help you to choose which relay socket out of our selection would suit your setup the best.

    These aspects include:

    • Different voltage ranges – choose which would be best for your system regarding the exposure the relay sockets will endure
    • Fits certain sockets – find the Sensata/Crydom relay socket that will fit the sockets in your system, examples of these include standard DIN rail and PCB mountable sockets
    • Different control voltage availability – could be AC or DC
    • Different indicators – could have LED input status
    • Protection – depending on your workplace environment you may need a relay socket that can endure harsher environments, for example, you would want to choose a Sensata/Crydom relay socket with an IP10 rating
    • Different number of contacts – the different amount of pins a relay socket has is a factor to consider, so that you can get a Sensata/Crydom relay socket fit for your system
    • Different screw styles – different styles could enable easier connection

    According to your personal criteria, you can find a Sensata/Crydom relay socket that will be fit for your system, by choosing a Sensata/Crydom relay socket you can be assured that you are opting for a high quality product built to expert standards with your workplace in mind.

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