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    ROCK SBC Cases

    When you’ve been using a ROCK single board computer to develop amazing applications you will want to keep the board safe and protected from damage. A case will help keep your ROCK SBC safe. Cases are designed not only to protect your board, but are also designed with enough space to accommodate any add-ons such as fans, HATs, and cameras.In our ROCK SBC Cases shop, we will be offering a range of robust, tailor-made cases and enclosures to protect different models of the ROCK single board computer such as the ROCK 4 SE, ROCK 4C+, and ROCK 5B. Some cases will include add-ons such as built-in heatsinks, which are designed to keep your ROCK cool and running at maximum efficiency. Why not check out the KKSB Case for use with the ROCK 4 SE, it’s a sturdy, aluminium case made for the ROCK 4 SE SBC, built with thermal management in mind it benefits from a built-in heatsink and thermal pad to help keep the board cool. It also allows for easy access to all of the ROCK 4 SE’s ports and pins, so you won’t compromise convenience for protection.Browse our range of ROCK cases and enclosures today and discover the perfect ROCK case for your board.

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