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    Orbital Sanders

    Orbital Sanders are handheld power tools for sanding, which vibrate in small circles or orbits. Orbital sanders are popular tools with woodworkers, cabinet makers and professional carpenters that are used to remove material such as paint, varnish or tool marks from a piece of work or surface or can be used to smooth a surface in preparation for finishing.

    Types of orbital sanders

    Orbit sheet sanders

    These sanders are easy to use and come with many features including dust extraction, electronic speed controls, various grip styles and low vibration. The sanders use standard sheet sandpaper, which is readily available.

    Sheet sanders are often classified by the size of the pad and the size of paper needed for it. Standard sandpaper sheets are found in 23 x 28 cm (9x11") and sanders will typically be classified by half or quarter sheet sanding. This is based on a standard sheet size being either cut in half or cut into four, meaning a quarter sheet sander can have 4 sheets from a standard 23 x 28 cm sheet.

    Random orbital sander

    Random orbital sanders operate with a dual motion, the sanding pad face spins whilst simultaneously orbiting a centre. The amount the pad orbits will vary between each sander and these different throw amounts can help to both provide a more aggressive material removal with lower grit paper whilst also providing a much smoother finish when used with higher grit papers.

    Unlike sheet sanders, random orbit sanders use a hook and loop backed circular pad, often with perforations or holes to align with dust extraction ports and come in a range of diameters. Ensure to use the correct sized pad for your sander and align dust extraction holes to ensure for the best and cleanest sanding possible.

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