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    Cordless Multi Cutters

    Cordless multi-cutters, also known as oscillating multi-tools, are an extremely versatile and valuable tool addition to any collection. Multi-cutters work through an oscillating head that fractionally pivots side to side at high speed. This oscillating head paired with a multi-cutter bit provides an excellent cutting tool for many applications.

    Along with a serrated or toothed cutting bit, oscillating multi-tools can also be fitted with a variety of other heads such as:

    • Compact sanding pads
    • Straight blades for scraping
    • Composite blades for tile/stonework

    Suitable for a wide range of jobs, cordless multi-cutters are excellent in cutting wood, plastic, brick, plasterboard, tile and more and with the addition of both scraping and sanding heads are highly versatile in both professional and DIY applications.

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