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    Cordless Rotary Tools

    Cordless rotary tools and rotary cutting tools are versatile tools used to make intricate cuts or small holes in wood. They can also be used for smoothing surfaces, dressing tapered wood, sanding, and doing detail work on woodcarvings.

    Cordless rotary tools allow you to use the power of electricity through a battery pack instead of being tethered by a cord. These tools can be very helpful in a variety of applications, from drilling holes to cutting and shaping materials. Rotary cutters typically have a cylindrical blade that spins around a central axis, while a variation called a cup wheel tends to have conical or half-round blades that produce parallel grooves along their edges.

    What can I do with a rotary tool?

    These lightweight and versatile cutting and shaping tools can be used in place of a jigsaw, sander, or router. They consist of a motor and collet, which are generally interchangeable with other corded models. They are ideal for tasks that require cutting, finishing, and polishing.

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