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    Transformer Cores

    Some transformers feature ferrite cores, which act as a means to transfer magnetic flux within the transformer. While less common than laminated iron cores, ferrite cores allow for superior performance.

    How transformer ferrite cores work

    These devices are commonly parts of switched-mode power supplies. The ferrite in the core is in powdered form, which allows the transformer to operate at very high frequencies. The devices can handle a great deal of power without huge increases in the size of the device.

    Types of transformer ferrite cores

    Different transformer ferrite cores are intended to be used with specific kinds of equipment. These include broadband transformers, DC/DC converters, flat transformers, power transformers, reactors, switch mode power supply (SMPS ) transformers, and transmitters.

    In addition to length, depth, and width, transformer ferrite cores also vary in their minimum and maximum operating temperatures. It is important to consider the operating temperature of the equipment that the core will be used in when choosing between cores. For instance, between one with a maximum temperature of +125°Cand another with one of +210°C.

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