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    Solar Panel Mounts

    Solar panel mounting accessories are items that allow you to correctly mount solar panels and collect their energy. Solar or 'photovoltaic' panels, generate power by converting energy from the sun into direct current electricity.

    What are solar panel mounting accessories used for?

    Solar panel accessories are used to facilitate the collection and flow of power from the sun to the battery where the power is stored for usage. Soar panels can be ground mounted, rooftop mounted or wall mounted, and need to be installed at the right angle in order to produce their peak current. Accessories used outside need to be able to withstand all weather conditions.

    Types of solar panel mounting accessories

    • Mounting brackets, which allow you to easily mount and install the solar panel at the optimum angle
    • Battery boxes, for safe outdoor or indoor storage of a battery charging from solar energy. These may have multiple output sockets and a meter to indicate charging levels
    • Waterproof roof ducts, which allow you to safely run cabling from inside to the panel outside
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