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    Traco Power DIN Rail Power Supplies| RS

    Our Traco Power DIN Rail Power Supplies range is available for next day delivery, check it out!

    DIN Rail Power Supplies, commonly known as Electric Power Converters are mounted onto a DIN Rail and work by converting an incoming electrical current into the correct frequency, voltage and current required by the device it is being used on. A DIN Rail is a metal rail commonly used in enclosure racks and panels. The metal rail is used to mount electrical devices such as circuit breakers, relays, and other types of power supplies and due to in place guidelines and standards these types of power supplies from many different suppliers can be mounted onto the same rail and also come with different specifications to meet the users needs. These devices are known to be convenient, versatile and a compact space saving solution for providing power.

    Din Rail Power Supplies can be used in PLCs, Security and alarms, Motors and many more applications across multiple industries.

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