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    Pneumatic Quick Exhaust Valves

    Pneumatic quick exhaust valves are used in conjunction with pneumatic cylinders to increase speed and to lower backpressure. The use of these valves improves system performance and help reduce cylinder size. RS offer a range of high-quality valves from leading brands such as Festo, SMC, Norgren, Legris and of course RS PRO.

    How does a pneumatic exhaust valve work?

    Quick exhaust valves work by directing the compressed air from a cylinder to atmosphere instead of flowing back through the valve. Exhaust valves are used to increase the extension speed of the actuator piston rod. Exhaust valves should always be fitted directly on the vent side (exhaust port) of a pneumatic cylinder for optimum performance.

    Applications for quick exhaust valves

    Quick exhaust valves are used in a wide range of pneumatic pressure applications. With the ability to work at very high pressures exhaust valves are primarily used in oil, gas, chemical and automation applications.

    Main Features

    • A range of body materials including forged brass, die-cast aluminium and nickel-plated brass
    • Industry-standard threads, BSPP, BSPT, NPT or Metric
    • Available with built-in silencers
    • A broad range of operating pressures
    • Available with ATEX approvals
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