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    Norgren Quick Exhaust Valves

    If you need a way to reduce high pressures in your pneumatic system choose a quick exhaust valve from IMI Norgren.

    What is a quick exhaust valve and how does it work?

    This component provides a means to expel exhaust air from cylinders and also increase cylinder speeds, keeping your compressed air system working smoothly. Venting the air stops it from going back into the valve, which would slow down the actuator. They are typically used in areas such as oil and gas installations, chemical, refinery, and automation applications.

    Norgren quick exhaust valves are ideal for tough industrial environments, offering functionality even in wide temperature ranges and robust housing materials such as brass, aluminium alloy, and zinc alloy. Choose from valves with seals made of Nitrile rubber or Polyurethane for airtight connection. They also offer simple and compact designs such as the T70 valves to suit applications where space is limited.

    Norgren is a trusted industry leader across the globe for their motion control and fluid technology expertise, so you can depend on their products in your pneumatics installation. Try a quick exhaust valve from Norgren today and protect your cylinder from air pressure build-up.

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