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    Festo Air Fittings

    Discover our wide range of Festo pneumatic fittings, including various connection types, shapes, and sizes. Festo is a renowned global leader in pneumatics offering an extensive range of air fittings, including thread-to-tubing and tubing-to-tubing adaptors and connectors, straight and elbow fittings, T-shape and Y-shape fittings, as well as bulkhead adaptors. Experience the quality and versatility of Festo's pneumatic fittings range, designed to meet diverse industrial needs.

    • Push-in fittings are a popular choice for pneumatic systems, which provide a convenient tube release function. Festo offer a diverse selection, ensuring maximum flexibility for standard applications. These compressed air connectors are compatible with the widely available standard O.D. tubing.
    • For applications requiring threaded connections, Festo's threaded air fittings come into play. These fittings can be joined together to achieve the desired connection. They come in either male (outer) or female (inner) threading, precisely gauged to mate with the threading on the end of the hose or conduit.
    • Festo provides a range of tubing-to-tubing air fittings. These fittings enable straight or angled connections and are available in various types to accommodate different hose and tubing materials.
    • Elbow fittings allow for angled joints. These fittings are versatile and can connect single or multiple hoses, enabling quick and hassle-free changes to the system.
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