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    Norgren Pneumatic Lubricators

    Worried about wear-and-tear in your air preparation system? Keep things running smoothly with pneumatic lubricators from IMI Norgren.

    What are pneumatic lubricators and how do they work?

    A pneumatic lubricator is a component which is used to add lubricating oil to air-powered equipment and systems. It works by injecting an aerosolised stream of oil into an air line, which is then distributed to the internal working parts of the system such as actuators, valves, and cylinders.

    Why are pneumatic lubricators important?

    Lubricators are vital for pneumatic applications where equipment is continuously in use, as they help facilitate movement and reduce friction between parts. This ensures that you system works efficiently, minimises damage, and allows improved speed control – contributing to less downtime, reduced maintenance and running costs, and a longer service life.

    Entrepreneur Carl Norgren, founder of Norgren, created the world's first compressed airline lubricator in 1925 on a napkin at his kitchen table. Since then, his company has grown into a trusted global leader for pneumatics equipment. Needless to say, Norgren have had plenty of time to perfect Carl's invention. Here at RS we supply a range of lubricators from Norgren, including oil-fog and micro-fog types, so you can find the perfect one to meet your needs.

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