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    Norgren Excelon Plus Pneumatic Lubricators

    Ensure seamless operation and a longer lifespan for your pneumatic equipment with an Excelon Plus pneumatic lubricator by IMI Norgren.

    Norgren are experts when it comes to air-powered systems, with decades of experience in designing engineering solutions for precise motion control and fluid technology. Norgren pneumatic products are trusted worldwide for their reliability and high quality, helping to drive the essential systems we use today.

    What's a pneumatic lubricator?

    A pneumatic lubricator is a device which adds a controlled amount of oil to air-preparation systems, equipment, and tools. They provide vital lubrication for moving parts, helping to decrease wear-and-tear so that your system lasts longer. Lubrication also allows the working parts to function more efficiently.

    Here at RS we stock a range of Excelon Plus series pneumatic lubricators from Norgren, including micro-fog and oil-fog types. These lubricators offer a variety of features and advantages such as:

    - Unique double lock safety mechanism on bowls

    - Resilient die cast aluminium housing

    - Transparent polycarbonate bowls and robust metal bowls available

    - Broad operating temperature ranges for use in harsh conditions

    - Flow sensors to ensure a nearly constant oil/air ratio over a wide range of flow

    - Prismatic liquid level indicator lens

    - Modular design which allows easy installation with other Excelon Plus products

    - Compact and light weight, ensuring minimal strain on equipment

    Norgren's Excelon Plus lubricators are ideal for challenging industrial applications, offering exceptional performance, safety, and a long service life.

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