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    Filter Regulators

    Filter regulators are devices used in compressed air systems to improve the performance of the system. A filter regulator combines both functionalities of a filter and a regulator. Pneumatic filter regulators are used in most pneumatic air preparation for compressed air systems. Pneumatic filters and regulators can also be purchased as separate units. Filter regulator assemblies are in one unit which is ideal for saving space while simplifying piping and installation.

    • Pneumatic Regulators, or pressure regulators, control the flow of the air. The control the output pressure which allows you to maintain a constant air pressure. They also ensure that air is not wasted in the system.
    • Pneumatic Filters remove contaminant from the air flowing through the system.This includes dust, dirt and water. Filters ensure the air is clean before it travels through a compressed air system.

    The inlet and outlet ports refer to the connection from the filter regulator to the rest of the system. The port is given by type and size, for example G 1/8.

    Where are filter regulators used?

    Pneumatic filters and regulators can be found in any compressed air systems, in applications such as:

    • Aerospace
    • Automotive
    • Chemical Manufacturing
    • Electronics
    • Food manufacturing
    • Medical
    • Dentistry
    • Pharmaceuticals
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