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    High Thrust Jets

    High thrust jets are designed to generate a high-powered blast of air and are used in several pneumatics applications. With no moving parts, high thrust jets are easy and quick to install and can help to reduce the demand of compressed air within a system by up to 70%.

    How do high thrust jets work?

    High thrust jets, also known as pneumatic material transfer units, are round-throated air amplifiers designed to provide a focused blast of compressed air. The open end allows free air to flow into the jet from the surroundings and through an adjustable circular slot within the jet. This focuses the air, amplifying the force to deliver an equal or greater thrust performance than compressed air. By using these jets in place of compressed air, the demand is reduced and noise levels can also be reduced by as much as 30 dBA, resulting in less wasted energy and a more efficient system.

    What are high thrust jets used for?

    High thrust jets are used across many different pneumatics applications, such as product cooling, product/material redirection and product drying. As high thrust jets provide a high velocity tube of air, effective drying and cooling can be easily achieved by passing products through this tube of air. The high velocity air can also be used to direct products and materials along a production line or alternatively used to eject unwanted materials from a production line. Their small size also allows them to be installed in confined spaces that may not be accessible or suitable for installing compressed air systems.

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