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    Work trousers designed specifically to provide comfort and protection to those in physical and industrial jobs are essential pieces of workwear, as they protect the wearer from various external factors. In some cases, they are also considered key parts of PPE, such as hi-vis, reflective trousers and flame retardant, anti-static and chemical resistant trousers. To discover more about work trousers, learn why protective trousers are so important, and figure out which type is best for you, read more in our work trousers guide.

    We have a wide selection of workwear trousers available in a various sizes, leg lengths, materials and styles, suitable for a wide range of environments and workplace tasks. We carry products from some of the best brands of work clothing, including Dickies, Helly Hensen, Parade, Snickers, Timberland and Scruffs, and also have our own range of workplace-appropriate attire from RS PRO.

    What are work trousers?

    Work trousers are made from durable materials, usually a tough cotton polyester mix, to offer protection against lacerations and penetrations from sharp objects. These are particularly useful when working on construction sites, or when working in cramped or hard to access spaces. Some workwear trousers have reflective detailing to give the wearer extra visibility in the work place, a necessary health and safety requirement when working in high risk environments.

    Double and triple stitched seams in the trousers provide increased strength, durability and longevity in tough conditions, and elasticated waistbands in the trousers offer extra comfort and mobility. Work trousers also feature multiple pockets for carrying tools, small pieces of equipment and necessary accessories, with some pockets or loops designed to carry specific items such as hammer loops, ruler pockets, mobile phone pockets and pen pockets.

    Types of Work Trousers

    • Holster trousers have specially-designed pockets that enable the wearer to carry items such as tools and accessories in an easy-to-access manner. Holster trousers eliminate the need to carry a separate tool belt, which can be restrictive or limited in what it can carry.
    • Cargo trousers are the most common design for work trousers and come in a range of styles. Cargo trousers usually have six pockets with two at the front, two at the back and two on the outside of the legs.
    • Combat trousers are similar to cargo trousers but made from a more durable material.
    • Knee pad trousers feature a dedicated slot for the insertion of knee pads that provide protection and comfort to the wearer when kneeling. Knee pad trousers are popular with tradespeople such as plumbers, electricians and floor/carpet layers. However, knee pad trousers can be particularly useful for other jobs, such as gardening, construction or even decorating.
    • "Classic" work trousers are simple your standard durable trousers without additional pockets or other features. They are made from heavy-duty materials to withstand extended use, but do not offer a high degree of protection from external elements. These work trousers are ideal for use internal environments such as offices or plant/factory floors.
    • Premium work trousers are similar to classic work trousers but are made from a better quality of materials.
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