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    Petzl Rope Grabs

    Rope Grabs are an important piece of fall arrest equipment when working at height or climbing, helping to prevent injury from fall accidents within any industry. You need to ensure that any rope grab is used with the correct size of safety rope and life line and meets the required safety standards of EN353-2. Rope grabs are also known as fall arrester's (automatic or manual fall arrester) and you must ensure whatever rope grab used as part of your fall protection and fall arrest equipment that you use and connect the rope grab according to the manufacturer's instructions. Our range covers various industry leading brands including Protecta and Petzl.

    What is a grab?

    A rope grab is secured into the correct rope and lanyard lifeline allowing you to work safely at height and preventing you from falling. The rope grab either manually or automatically locks into place on the rope or lifeline and prevents an injury from falling.

    Types of rope grabs available?

    There are two basic types of a rope grab to use with a rope and lifeline, automatic and manual.

    A manual rope grab needs to be adjusted and moved into position along the rope and lifeline every time you move horizontally or vertically. Manual rope grabs remain locked in place till you adjust it using the fitted mechanism to pull down onto the grab allowing you to move and when released you will be locked into position.

    An automatic rope grab provides you with more freedom of movement as it will travel freely along a rope or lifeline as you move. If you fall when using an automatic rope grab it will automatically lock in place reducing the fall distance.

    At what height should I use a rope grab for safety?

    It is mandatory that you use PPE fall arrest equipment, safety harnesses and rope grabs when working at a height of 6 feet (2 m) or more.

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