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    Traco Power Common Mode Chokes

    Traco Power is a leading power supply expert with over 30 years of experience, they are committed to the design and manufacture of high-quality DC/DC and AC/DC power conversion devices. Traco Power provides a wide selection of specially created Common Mode Chokes utilised in our filter solutions to provide an easy and quick installation to further simplify the design-in process for our clients. Choose from our range of Traco Power Common Mode Chokes available for next day delivery.

    Electrical filters known as common mode (CM) chokes decrease undesired interference by obstructing high frequency noise while allowing the intended signal to pass. This noise might damage your electronics and electrical circuits if it is not filtered.

    Why use a Traco Power common mode choke?

    Common mode choke coils are ideal for noise reduction on high-current lines such as AC/DC power supply lines. It is an electrical filter that prevents high frequency noise from the crossing of two or more power lines while allowing the desired DC or low frequency signal to flow.

    What to consider when purchasing a Traco Power common mode choke?

    It is important to consider inductance, output voltage, frequency bandwidth and current handling. There is a range of Traco TCK Series Common Mode Chokes available at RS. A selection of common mode chokes for use with Traco isolated DC-DC converters.

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