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    Norgren Electric Linear Actuators

    IMI Norgren's selection of electric linear actuators provide accurate motion control for your industrial application.

    What are electric linear actuators?

    An electric linear actuator is a device which converts rotational motion into linear movements, using electrical input current. This movement drives other functions in a circuit, such as lifting, pushing, tilting, or pulling objects. Electric linear actuators are favoured as they offer many advantages. They are quiet, clean, safe to use, and provide precise motion control. They are space-saving due to their compact size. They also have a long service life and are energy efficient.

    Where are linear actuators used?

    These devices are typically used in industrial automation with machines and tools. They are highly useful in industries and applications such as material handling, robotics, food and beverage production, agricultural machinery, valve operation, and the automotive industry.

    Norgren's offer includes the E/809000 series electromechanical actuators which feature a robust construction and are maintenance-free. These units offer accurate and repeatable positioning and come with or without a servo motor. They are based on ISO 15552 with universal mounting options, enabling easy installation.

    For high-performance, long-lasting electric actuator solutions you can depend on, choose Norgren actuators from RS.

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