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    Festo Electric Linear Actuator

    For all your industrial and automation requirements, Festo do a range of electric linear actuators, that combine the simplicity of pneumatics with all the benefits of electric automation.

    Why choose Festo?

    Festo are a leading manufacturer of pneumatic and electromechanical systems, designed to offer you the latest innovative products delivering the highest performance within automation and manufacturing equipment.

    Where are Festo Linear Actuators used?

    Festo electric linear actuators are used across in industrial machinery, factory automation, food & beverage, machine tools, packaging, the automotive sector, the agricultural industry, electronics industry and robotics. The choice of actuator will very much depend on the specific requirements of the industry.

    Our Festo offer consists of a range of different actuator types and series, offering different load options, lifting forces and speeds so you can choose the correct actuator to suit your application.

    Benefits of Festo Electric Linear Actuator

    • Compact design to suit mounting in limited spaces, enabling you to make the most of your installation space
    • Extensive mounting positions for various configurations
    • Accurate positioning
    • Reduced noise levels
    • Low operating costs
    • Lightweight yet sturdy for the precise interconnection of all axes
    • Double or single guide for high rigidity and load capacity

    With an extensive range of solutions from Festo, we are certain you will find a solution to your projects and the best electromechanical devices for your systems and interfaces.

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